Desperate Denisa Tak

February 23rd, 2008 by admin

Denisa is one hot chick and she knows it. She begins by teasing us with a slow strip until she is wearing only black fishnet stockings and strappy heels. She finds a black dildo and begins to play with herself, but there is no doubt that what she really wants is a real man.

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Denisa is on her side as he enters her from behind, drilling her tight snatch with his cock, now slick with her saliva. He pumps her hard and fast as she squirms and wriggles with each deep thrust. When he pinches her perfect nipples, Denisa has to hold back a cry of pleasure.

Her man unloads his cum inside her pussy and fills her to overflowing. Blast after blast of hot cum shoots into her pink, wet cunt until he finally pulls out of her. Denisa opens her legs and squeezes her cunt muscles until his white semen begins to leak out of her and roll down her thighs.

Horny Lenka Loves Taking it

February 20th, 2008 by admin

Lenka is a stunning blonde who takes it in all of her holes. She begins by stripping for you and playing with her pink nipples until they stand up like little pebbles. She pinches and rolls them between her fingers until she has them hard and tingling.

But Lenka likes to play with cock too. She lies down and opens her mouth as her man slides his thick, hard cock into her mouth. He mouth-fucks her good, poking the head of his member into her cheeks and running it over her lips as Lenka masturbates him with her long, elegant fingers.

This hot little blonde could suck all night long and never get tired, it seems, but this man of hers has something else in mind. As she is sucking his cock, he inserts a long, hard dildo into her cunt and begins to work her over with it. Lenka gasps with pleasure as he drives the toy deeper and deeper inside her willing cunt. But this is just prep work. He still has a thing or two to show this blonde bombshell and he gets to work on that right now.

Lenka’s pussy and asshole are both fair game as he has her straddle his cock and slide herself down on it. He makes her take the whole thing, leaving nothing to the imagination as she grinds her sex down on him hard and deep.

Her man could have cum in her mouth, could have cum in her tight little cunt, but he decides to cum in her ass. He releases himself deep inside of her and then makes her show it as it runs out of her. Lenka has been fucked well and good and every hole in her body is tingling with use. How happy can one woman be?

Sandra is One Anal Loving Slut

February 17th, 2008 by admin

From head to toe, Sandra is one of the most gorgeous women you will ever witness fucking, sucking, or being ass-reamed. This dark haired beauty begins by playing with her clit. Her long, lean, tanned body shimmers with anticipation as she slides her hand down her panties and begins to get herself worked up. Her dark sensual eyes all but beg you to help her out as she steps out of her bra and panties.

Sandra proves her worth as she takes a huge cock into her sexy mouth. This woman knows how to please a man with her lips, tongue and fingers, and she is not afraid to take a cock deep into her throat. And the cock in question is huge. Little does she know that this same massive member is going to be exploring her innermost parts within a few minutes. As she works on his throbbing dick, the guy takes a pink dildo and begins to work on her. Sandra loves the hard, deep penetration that she experiences at the hands of this intense guy.

He puts her on the sofa and spreads her open so he can enter her tight ass. Watch in amazement as she takes this massive cock right into her pink asshole. The pace quickens as he begins to pump her relentlessly, and Sandra takes it all. She squirms as he rams his rock hard and very thick cock all the way into her forbidden hole, burying himself completely inside this awesome looking woman. Her pink pussy lips glisten with pleasure as she rocks back onto his member, grinding her ass down hard.

The climax is long and hard as he shoots his wad deep inside her asshole. She takes every drop of it and then shows us that she did as it begins to ooze out of her hole. Fantastic clip.

Schoolgirl Creampies - Mia Bangg

February 14th, 2008 by admin

Guys, meet Mia Bangg. Mia’s a busty blonde coed that would rather spend her nights partying and fucking around with the male student body then studying. Her grades are definitely starting to show and now she’s starting to worry that her parent’s are going to cut off her party fund. She’s doing especially bad in her English class but she figures if she can raise that grade a little, it’ll help bring her overall grade back to passing. Her English teacher has always been cool - understand when she doesn’t have her homework, even let her retake on test but with her grade slumping down to an F she’s going to need a big extra credit assignment or something. Her teacher, however, has something else in mind. He’s had his eye on Mia for a while now. She’s always wearing skimpy and tight clothing that shows off her tight body to class.

Mia was a little surprised at the teacher’s idea, he tells her that if she fucks him, he’ll give her an “A.” That would definitely help her overall grade, so she agrees - as long as he wears a condom. Mia’s a little surprised how good of a fuck her teacher is, she’s definitely enjoying herself and starts to think this is the easiest homework ever - she doesn’t notice when he takes the condom off. It’s not long after that she’s getting filled with hot sticky cum.

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Veronica Jett Gets Both Tight H

February 8th, 2008 by admin

Veronica Jett is a sexy little thing who absolutely loves having sex. She is one of the horniest girls in the industry and one of the hottest too! Her round little ass begs to be fondled and fucked and her favourite thing in the world is taking two big cocks in her tiny little holes at the same time. Stripping off her clothes, she is greeted by her two partners, both waiting for her expert lips to close around their huge cocks.

She takes one in each hand, moving back and forth between them with her soft lips and strong tongue but she can wait no longer and has to have at least one of them inside her tight wet holes. She sits on one cock, sliding her snatch all the way on to the huge dick and gasping as it stretchs her tiny hole. She sucks on the other rod continuously, trying to lube it up before shoving it up her tight ass.

Her two partners take turns fucking her in the ass with a dildo before forcing one of their monster rods deep into her small stinkhole. She screams, forcing herself further down his cock, ripping her asshole open to accomadate his huge girth. Her other partner holds her head in place as he fucks her throat, getting ready to plunge into her throbbing pussy.

She leans back and spread her legs, letting him press against her pussy lips and work himself inside. She has never felt so full and moans in pleasure and a bit of pain as the two big cocks pound into her tiny pink fuckholes. Veronica orgasms all over the two dicks, her pussy juices running over their balls, as she feels a huge load of cum fill her ass. She drips it back out, spilling down her legs as she sucks the last bit of creamy jizz and her own ass juices off the massive fuckrods that have been so good to her.

Dirty Daisy - Loads and loads of cum

February 5th, 2008 by admin


I gotta admit, I was surprised by how much my hubby came last night. He covered half of my face with cum and then some! It got all over my tits and even on to the bed behind me. And the best part was that he wasn’t done. He was still rock hard. I didn’t wait for him to ask me to, I went right back to work with my lips wrapped around his cock. I could feel the cum dripping as I ran my lips up and down the shaft of his dick. He said it was one of the hottest things he’s ever seen. I didn’t stop until I had him cuming again! This time he was done! I think I had all of his cum on my face now! Click here to see the video clips of me sucking my hubby’s cock!

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Dirty Daisy - Tied up in ropes

February 2nd, 2008 by admin


Dirty Daisy Fetish Video

My hubby and I tried something a little bit different last night. I’ve been handcuffed to a bed before, but never tied up with ropes and never on camera. I’m always taking requests from the Dirty Daisy members and I was starting to notice more than a few requests to see me in rope bondage. I think my sex life is pretty kinky, but with this rope fetish we definitely took it to a higher level! I was kind of surprised how my hubby tied me to this chair. I’ve never known him to be good with knots but with the help of a website he found, he was able to tie me up so I couldn’t move at all. I was at his mercy and he loved teasing me. He didn’t let me go until he had his fun and wanted a blowjob. I was more than happy to be out of the tight ropes and give him the blowjob he needed.

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Spoiled Slut Covered In Cum

January 28th, 2008 by admin


Leah is a rich little slut. She loves to go shopping with Daddy’s credit cards, but what she really loves doing is making men cum. Today, it’s the piano teacher that gets lucky. He came over this afternoon for her regular lesson and as soon as her parents were out the door she was all over the cock. She’s been fucking around with him since she turned eighteen years old a few months ago. Click here to see some video clips of the teen cum slut in action. She starts by getting on her knees and wrapping her lips around his cock. She gives blowjobs better than sluts that have ten years more experience. Just a blowjob would blow this lucky studs mind, but she wants to get fucked. She climbs on top his lap and feels his cock slide deep into her tight teen pussy. She rides his cock until he starts to get close. That’s when she gets on her knees again and gets ready for him to cum on her! That’s how she likes it!

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tight twat stabbin

January 26th, 2008 by admin

Omar got sick so he let one of his white friends take over fucking this lil country babe. Of course, he got the friend with the biggest boner so the experience would be similar. This lady didn’t know what hit her when this well endowed white boy took a stab at her tight twat and even tighter rump. He lasted a long time considering how sexy this cunt was and she had a bunch of orgasms, despite how hard and painfully she was getting penetrated in the rump.

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Schoolgirl Crempies - Betty

January 24th, 2008 by admin

Meet this cum slut, Betty. She’s the lastest school girl to be featured at Schoolgirl Creampies. She’s the type of chick who thinks she should get whatever she wants because of her good looks. And what she can’t get with just her good looks she’s more than willing to use her body to get it than. This year her grades have been going downhill quickly. She’d much rather spend time shopping than doing homework and studying. However, her parents are threatening to ground her if she doesn’t get her grades turned around right away.

She’s always been pretty close with her guidance counselor. He’s in his twenties and always flirting with her. That’s when she makes an offer - he can sleep with her if he can change her grades in the computer. That night, Betty’s over at his house. She’s actually looking forward to getting fucked, she loves older men but she always makes them wear a condom. That’s no problem for her guidance counselor, he’d do anything to get into her panties. But halfway through he takes the condom off. There’s nothing stopping him from cuming deep inside this teen’s cunt.

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